Jose Rizal- Reformist
Andres Bonifacio- Revolutionist
Emilio Jacinto- Revolutionist
Manuel L. Quezon- Political Philosopher
Jose P. Laurel - Political Philosopher
Renato Constantino- Nationalist
Claro M. Ceniza- Metaphysician
Rolando M. Gripaldo- Circumstantialist
Romualdo Abulad, SVD, Ph.D
Manuel Dy, Ph.D
Roque Ferriols, SJ
Leonardo N. Mercado, SVD
Emirita S. Quito
Ramon N. Reyes
Florentino T. Timbreza
Alfredo P. Co


03/13/2011 18:38

If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.

07/13/2011 05:19

is rizal really a pilosopher? if he is...what are the pilosophies that he had made?

Glenn Rey Anino
07/13/2011 06:32

Yes, Rizal was a philosopher. Though he was not the typical philosopher we usually know who likes to construct a profound ideas ended up in a philosophical system like Hegel, Plato, Aristotle, etc. He is a philosopher who introduces his thought through literary works like the philosopher who, at the same, received a Nobel Prize in literature: Sartre, Camus, Bertrand Russell. Sartre's makes the embodiment of his philosophical thoughts in Being and Nothingness in some of his play and novels. Likewise, Rizal puts his ideology in his two novels such as his idea of political freedom-liberation, the importance of education as he was influenced by the French Enlightenment thinkers like Rousseau and Voltaire, putting more importance on human or liberal sciences rather than on the mere focus of religious authoritarianism at his time, his idea of nationalism and many more.

persian warrior
02/29/2012 03:10

bullshit rizal was a small weak playboy , like all of you

Spartan warrior
07/23/2012 07:50

Fuck you! say it when you already beat Rizal's achievements! Weak your face you bitter fag! suck clit!

09/25/2011 19:38

what are their philosophies?

Lalaine Anne Racca
09/25/2011 19:40

What are their philosophies like philosophy related to education, Natural Science, Physical, technology and Law.

10/02/2011 19:45

ang mga totoong pilosopiya ng bansa ay sina:

Princess Mae Zapanta
Michelle Ortiguero
Melanie Punzalan
Kriska Siena
Lala Bonita!

Virgin Patricia P. Mendoza
11/15/2011 19:27

anu ba ang philosophy ng ating bansa parang hindi akma ang kanilang ginagawa sa phlosophy?

02/01/2012 16:44

Education Towards Excellence and Human Integrity!

03/11/2012 19:34

I believe the study of philosophy to be critically important. It is the words we live by and they should not be taken lightly. To do so we end up with paradoxes, people killing for peace, oppressive and corrupt governments boasting of freedom and democracy when they are clearly nothing more than fascist oligarchs that rule by terror. The flaws of human nature are scrutinized by the philosopher. Philosophy is in everything we do, it is our attitude in the way we undertake anything. So absent these days is a sincere Socratic dialogue, as though we have given in to personal agendas and the idea of evolving as a species has become diluted into meaningless slogans, pop culture and materialism. I think people should really examine their philosophies (Persian Warrior for instance if he is in fact a warrior which i doubt, should consider the philosophy of the warrior, its many noble aspects, and while I'm on it the noble philosophers of the Persian empire, for instance Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Rumi was one of my favorites). I'm very curious of the philosophers listed here, I'm hoping to learn more about Indigenous philosophies, The Igorots, Bisayans, etc..I think the list here is certainly valid and to understand why, it is important to understand what a philosophy is and why it is so critically important.

07/08/2012 23:54

anyone here can email me a biographyof any the filipino philosophers whose philosopy is education-related? thanks...

daryl suazo
08/21/2012 23:55

Ang mga sumusunod ay mga tunay na pilosopo: sina Daryl Mendoza, Ruby Suazo, Ryan Urbano, Lolong Galeon, Lot Tabilid, Amosa Velez, Maje Purino at saka si Jett Magadan.. pwede na rin nating isama sa Bobby Alaras at si Karl Archuleta .. . ewan ko kung maisali na dito si Jason Boy Cablao...

charlene mae
12/12/2013 17:26

*who is the Filipino philosopher who said that 'philosophy cant never be defined?'

03/11/2014 07:54

Let's just search, read and understand their individual philosophies so that everybody will be educate and everything will be ok . hindi yong nagtatalo tayo . Make peace. Not war


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