The men of the 21st century seemed to drive the necessity to embrace the greatest contrast that men of a century ago had never had. It is generally acknowledged that this age is an age of a great paradigm shift. Men as conscious beings live in the world of thoughts and venture forth in the ocean of doubts finding life in any distinguishable way. It is a clear acknowledgement to emphasize that man is always in the state of unrest or discontent where he revolts against common assumptions and to rise above commonly accepted traditions, customs, and modes of beliefs. Now, it is man’s vocation to fill and to satisfy his own discontentment. As a conscious individual, he cannot be simply manipulated, inclined, and determined as science does. For this reason, it has something to do with human free choice.
With choice, there is now a great shift in pattern into which and out of which men view the world and man’s own “world” that he lives in the same world with the co-existence of others but perceives the world in different levels of reality. History tells us that the unscientific man was concerned mainly on what was good resulting to right joyful actions that satisfy the universality of men. But for now, everyone goes anywhere and chooses anything in the apex of the tree of evolution. Most men commonly view life in strange and more often ridiculous manner which differs from one another. It is an undeniable fact that men in the Middle Age or in the medieval period focused on their grandfathers’ grasp regarding the idea of an existence of a greater being and the recognition of the powerful Creator and their religiosity viewing themselves as immortal spiritual beings. I stand as an observer of the great contrast when compared to our modern day ideology to which men revolt against the assumption associated to the past. The unconscious mental mechanism of man which is discontentment leads him to have an inner force capable of neglecting common old ways of living and presents an advanced development law characterized by changes as a lavish product of gradual thought processes. A law or principle that compels men to question what was accepted by his predecessors and to look for something else where he can find satisfaction in its own essence derived on his own point of view or perspective. Triggered with intellectual dimensions, men of today have access to change through the power of creation and alteration by the web of reason to make new concepts in making other philosophical frameworks which shape the way men live. Modern men have the power of deconstructing what once appeared in their consciousness thereof the making of new things lies in the breaking of the old one.
There is so much knowledge to be known and therefore, I am on credible and firm ground to say that there are still ideas that have yet been born and a stage of life that have yet been reached and I am hoping to be one who is competent in baptizing them. I have a fear of my incomplacency that someday men may wish to live with their choices in a great contrast that may devour the whole human life.
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