The following are the lively wisdom I heard from this Filipino philosopher.

1.Bro. Romualdo Abulad conducted a spiritual conference in the seminary. There was one seminarian who was not able to attend in a certain activity. He said to the seminarians:  Give him always the benefits of doubt. Do not make unjust criticism.”
2.When the teacher discussed about the rationalism of Leibniz, he did not have any visual aids. One student asked with polity, Brother, can you demonstrate the monad in front? To which he replied, “I cannot project it to you but it does not matter because it can be found in your mind.” Later, many students reacted and disagree. The teacher strongly argued: “You do not have the right to disagree if you do not understand.”
3.The teacher said, “Understanding the thoughts of a philosopher comes before the criticism of his entire philosophy.”
4.The teacher said, “What our country needs today is great man with his great work. In one word, excellence. Stop being mediocre. It is not what we aim as a Filipino.” 
5.During the first day of the philosophy class, the teacher asked, “What is philosophy?” Then, many answered were offered. Then he said to the students, “It is without doubt that philosophy still holds the crown of all sciences. Do anything what you like, study any field then, there, on its bottom line, is philosophy. Even the hate of philosophy is a philosophical activity.
6.The teacher said, “The best way people can understand what is philosophy can be found in the action of philosophers and philosophy students. My dear students, strive more and don’t be contented on what is only required, that is a form of mediocrity.”
7.There was a processing in the seminary where it is the time to talk about the experiences of the day. Then, Brother Abulad said this: “I have expressed my willingness to be assigned in Manila not because I do not like the seminary formation but I want to devote myself into philosophy and in writing.” He added a very deep thought in his regard to philosophy by saying, “Granted that the reincarnation of Hinduism is true, I am still happy to become a philosopher.”
8.The teacher said in his class, “Philosophy is all about ideas. You are giving its flesh through writing.”
9.The teacher said to the seminarians and also to the students, “Read. Read. Read. Do not let the day pass without reading. Study hard. Do not turn the good time into waste because there are always things to be studied.

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